Environment Management System

1. Basic Philosophy for Environment

In recent years, preservation of global environment has been regarded as one of corporate social responsibilities. We have been proudly committed to green activities based on our environment philosophy and policy, which is for establishing a recycling-oriented society (3R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). In order to achieve it, green product approach is strongly promoted such as any material is minimize environmentally hazardous substances.

1. Management Philosophy

Tabuchi Group is aiming to grow as eco-friendly company.

2. Environment Basic Philosophy

Tabuchi Electronic Co., Ltd. Will promote to preserve environment as inverter, transformer and switching power supply business entity. Our basic policies are as follows.

1)We understand the environmental impact related to the business activities, set an environmental purpose and the economical or technical target, review it and take a action to achieve
  1. (1) The product design that considers the green environment
  2. (2) Control of less negative environmental impact material
2)We will observe laws, regulations, agreement and any other requirement we have agreed related to global environmental.
3)We will assess environmental impact perform and internal audit to keep improvement of our environment management system and prevent the pollution.
4)We will raise environmental community consciousness through the education to all employees in Tabuchi group and awareness activity.
5)We will announce this policy to all stakeholders

Quality Assurance System

We have clear assignment of responsibility for manufacture plants around the world. We also support them to operate the quality assurance system for the Tabuchi group.

Quality Assurance System

田淵電機 生産工場
1. Our plan to minimize
environmentally hazardous
1) To promote environment
management system
  • to establish management standard for environmentally hazardous substances
  • to establish assurance system for environmentally hazardous substances
  • to determine the prohibition of chemical substance use
  • to set the threshold concentration for RoHS targeted chemical substances
2) To establish guidelines for chemical management for materials
  • to maintain and manage standard for green procurement
3) To maintain and manage laws and regulations related to environment
  • Conveyance of Policy
  • Environmental Audit
  • Management Standard Procedure
1. Activities to Minimize
Environmentally Hazardous
Substances in Subsidiaries
1) To Accelerate Environment
Management System
  • to operate environment management system
  • to manage standard for environmentally hazardous substances
2) To Check Chemical Substances
Included in Used Materials
  • to find out chemical substances for our materials
  • to observe the threshold concentration for RoHS targeted chemical substances
3) To Make Activity Plan for
Environmental Assurance
  • to promote to management activities for chemical substances in materials
  • to carry out screening for the materials
  • to guarantee product shipment
2. Securing Design Quality
  • to verify customer's requests
  • to assess chemical substances content for materials
  • to review past deficiency case
  • Report deficiency / Analysis, Measure
2. Response to Customers
  • to perform environmental audit by customers
  • to solve deficiency problem
  • to analyze deficiency and propose countermeasure
3. Information Control and
Improvement Plan for Chemical
Substance Content
  • to control and keep data for chemical substance content
  • to check and keep data for EDX analysis
  • to be aware of our suppliers’ management activities for chemical substances
  • to analyze data for our plants and order the improvement
  • to solve deficiency problem
  • to analyze deficiency
  • Report deficiency / Analysis, Measure
3. Confirmation Chemical Substances
Content for New Product
  • to confirm chemical substances content for materials
  • inspection in manufacturing process
4. Development and Diffusion of
Analysis and Evaluation Technology
to develop technology to analyze and assess materials and products
  • Assessment Test / Plan, Instruct
  • 4. Environmental Audit for Suppliers
  • 5. Environmental Information Disclosure
  • 6. Education and Training

Green Procurement

We will provide more green products, which is less environmentally hazardous substances. In order to achieve it, procurement of materials minimized hazardous substances is required. We make "Green Procurement Standard" and accelerate the effort.


Green Procurement Standard Ver3.0 [2010.Apr.1]
Investigation form [2010.Apr.1]

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