Action On Quality And The Environmen

Environmental Practices

Attitude Towards The Environment

Today, preservation of global environment has been regarded as one of corporate social responsibilities. We have been committed to green activities based on our environment philosophy and policy, which is for establishing a recycling-oriented society (3R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).
In order to achieve it, we promote green product approach by minimizing the use of hazardous materials.

  • Environmental Philosophy
  • We are aiming at being an eco-friendly company.

Basic Environmental Policy

Tabuchi Electronic Co., Ltd. will promote to preserve environment as a business entity of Inverter, Transformer, and Power Supply Unit. Our basic policies are as follows.

  • We understand the environmental impact related to the business activities and set an environmental goal in our economical and technical capacity. Moreover, we will review the goal regularly in order to accomplish our mission.
    • (1) Product design for the green environment
    • (2) Minimization of negative environmental impact material
  • We will observe laws, regulations, agreements and any other requirements related to environmental preservation.
  • We will prevent environmental pollution by assessing analysis of environmental impact and performing internal audit to keep improvement of our environment management system.
  • We will raise environmental community consciousness through educating employees in Tabuchi group.
  • We will announce this policy to all stakeholders.

Environment Assurance System

The quality assurance system is executed by cooperation of head office and manufacturing factories.

Environment Assurance System

Environment Assurance System

Organizations And Divisions

Organizations And Divisions

Green Procurement

Tabuchi Electric will provide green products. In order to achieve it, we promote green product approach by minimizing the use of hazardous materials. We follows "Green Procurement Standard" to accelerate the activity.

Green Procurement Standard Ver3.0
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