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Proof of Concept Test Project of Solar Power Storage System Operation in Delhi December 7, 2017

Tabuchi Electric Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Yodogawa, Osaka; President and Chief Executive Officer: Toshihiro Kaihoshi) announced that we have concluded the Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter "MoU") on the proof of concept test project with Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (hereinafter "TPDDL"), who is the leading electricity distribution company in North and North West Delhi.

TPDDL will install our product, EIBS (Eco Intelligent Battery System), which is Solar + Storage energy solution system that integrates a solar inverter for photovoltaic power generation (5.5 kW) and a lithium-ion battery (rated 9.48 kWh) within their test laboratory to verify the stabilization of electric power system and utilization for emergency power supply.

img_20171207_1.jpg   img_20171207_3.jpg

(EIBS (Eco Intelligent Battery System) and the installation diagram in a house)

Due to the rapid economic growth in India, the demand for electricity is expanding at a pace of 4.9% a year on average. By 2025, the demand for electricity is expected to exceed the EU and India is expected to become the third power consumption country after China and the United States. However, the supply of electricity is unstable due to the chronic shortage of electric power. Approximately three million people, which equals around quarter of the entire population of India are still living without electricity. The companies that have production facilities in India are also strongly seeking stable electric power supply. The Government of India is promoting the introduction of renewable energy and planning to introduce 175 GW (100 GW of solar power / thermal power generation, 60 GW of wind power, 10 GW of Biomass, and 5GW of small hydropower) by 2022.

Since renewable energy such as solar and wind power depends on natural conditions, the introduction of the storage batteries integrated system is expected to stabilize the distribution system and adjust the gap of supply / demand balance as distributed power supply. We will contribute to verification of practical application of Solar + Storage energy solution system by providing our products to this project at TPDDL. We strongly believe that this project will be a step to increase the power supply in India.

Also, at Intersolar India, India's largest photovoltaic power related exhibition, held from December 5th to 7th, 2017, we gave a presentation about this project and the usefulness of Solar + Storage energy solution system in the Indian market in collaboration with TPDDL, which was very popular and successful.

<Outline of TPDDL Company>
Company name :   Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited
Location :      New Delhi, India
Establishment :    2002
Representative :    Praveer Sinha, CEO & Managing Director
Business description: Power distribution business in North and North West Delhi

<Outline of EIBS>
EIBS is a system integrating a hybrid solar inverter with storage battery for residential use. Generally, a solar power generation system and a storage system require one solar inverter respectively, but our multi-string technology enabled us to develop the solar inverter which controls both of the photovoltaic power generation and the storage system in one system. We connected a solar inverter and a storage battery with direct current which allows to charge storage batteries without converting direct current to alternating current. This makes less conversion loss and effective utilization of generated electricity.