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Tabuchi America Contributes to Restoring Power in hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico February 28, 2018

Tabuchi Electric Co., Ltd and Tabuchi Electric Company of America wish to express our sincerest condolences to those who have suffered hardship as result of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.

Tabuchi Electric Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that one of our donated hybrid solar-plus-storage systems "EIBS" was installed via our subsidiary company, Tabuchi Electric Company of America, Ltd. (Tabuchi America) to help restore electric power to a house in Maricao, Puerto Rico. The installed PV system and Tabuchi's EIBS restored power to the house for the first time in almost 20 years.

Maricao is located in a mountainous area far away from San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, and the area has been without power since Hurricane George struck in 1998. In September 2017, Hurricane Maria brought further damage not only to houses, but also to the basic infrastructure. According to an engineer from Tabuchi America who was involved in this installation, Edison Rivera, the homeowner, shed tears of joy to see the light on in his living room for the first time in almost 20 years.

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Edison Rivera, the homeowner, and his house which was installed Tabuchi's EIBS

Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA)reported that the power supply was cut off throughout Puerto Rico when Hurricane Maria struck the island. As of late December 2017, ninety (90) days after Hurricane Maria made landfall, approximately 35% of the country continued to live without electricity. As information on the situation in Puerto Rico gradually came to light, Tabuchi America decided to donate ten EIBS systems to contribute to people's daily life as an off-grid distributed power supply. Thanks to the understanding and cooperation of those concerned about this disaster, we were able to overcome the hardship of this situation and report that installation of the first system has been completed.

Tabuchi America is also continuing to promote distribution of the EIBS in Puerto Rico. Several shipments of the EIBS system have been sent the port in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A technical team comprised of members from Tabuchi Electric and Tabuchi America provides hands-on training to the local EPCs and installers at the installation sites. It is expected that the EIBS will be installed throughout Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands as an off-grid distributed power supply, which is resilient against natural disasters. Tabuchi Electric and Tabuchi America will continue endeavoring to help Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands restore power as soon as possible.

About the EIBS
EIBS (Eco Intelligent Battery System) is a system integrating a hybrid solar inverter (5.5kW) with 9.48kWh lithium-ion storage battery for residential use. Generally, a solar power generation system and a storage system require one solar inverter respectively. However, Tabuchi's multi-string technology enabled Tabuchi to develop a solar inverter which controls both photovoltaic power generation and the storage system all in one system. The solar inverter and the storage battery are DC-coupled. This allows that storage batteries to be charged directly without converting DC to AC, making it a more efficient system. EIBS allows homeowners to store generated electricity in the storage batteries through the solar inverter or from the grid, and use the stored electricity at night. It is also useful as a backup power supply during a power outage or natural disasters.

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EIBS (Eco Intelligent Battery System) & Installation and Energy Flow Diagram

About Tabuchi America
Tabuchi America provides grid-friendly solar-plus-storage systems optimized for energy management and cost performance. The Eco Intelligent Battery System is a hybrid inverter with an integrated lithium-ion battery system and intelligent battery management controls. Its parent company, Tabuchi Electric, is one of the largest solar inverter manufacturers in the world with more than 93 years of power electronics experience. For more information, please visit