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This website is basically allowed links to the other website. Tabuchi may change the top page URL without any prior notice ( Therefore, please makea a link only to the top page of this website. Link to only a part of this website is restricted. Tabuchi does not accept any responsibilities for the link or any damages caused by using them. The third parties' web sites linked to or from this website is not under control. Therefore, we are not liable for other sites linked to this website.

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Therefore, we do compensate for any kinds of your damage (including economical loss) about the download from this website.

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Tabuchi may change, add, and delete the contents of this website, or may interrupt or discontinue this website operation at any time without any prior notice. Tabuchi does not have responsibility for any damages arising out of any change of the contents or inability to use this website.

We are not liable for loss and damage caused by error or discontinuing on this website, neither.


Tabuchi recognizes the importance of personal information, such as address, name and telephone number, control it as follows:

Whenever we obtain personal information, we strictly handled and appropriately protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure. We never provide any and all personal information without obtaining prior consent from the relevant customers. However, we may disclose personal information in the case that required justifiably by laws, by public organization such as police and court, and by other related institution.

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