To provide the best solutions for our customers, our database of engineering knowledge is rich and diverse, including: core materials; conductors; heat sink materials; and also custom semiconductors.

Hybrid Solar Inverter with Embedded Battery

Helping to create net-zero homes with our EIBS system

Hybrid Solar Inverter embedded with battery storage

Our solar inverters make optimum use of various electronic devices, including high-efficiency transformer, DC/DC converter, embedded power supply software, PV simulation techniques, and so on. The most important feature is multi-string input technology. We were the first in the industry to adopt it. String-level input voltage control makes it possible to maximize energy harvest, provides ease of fault detection and maintenance, and control multiple energy sources (solar, wind, fuel cells, etc.) with just one product.

Solar energy can be intermittent due to clouds or storms, and with EIBS the Inverter is supported by a Li-ion storage battery to supplement energy needs when the array is dark. Our patented power control technology that monitors power flow can facilitate a net-zero house that does not need to buy electricity from the grid, for the energy stored in the battery can be used at nighttime.

We will continue to focus on providing innovative soltuions that preserve the world's finite energy resources through our technology of inverter.

Aluminum Wire Reactor for Inverter Air Conditioner

Our outstanding wire and magnetics technology has enabled Tabuchi to develop a best-in-class Aluminum Wire type.

Aluminum Wire reactor for inverter air conditioner

Typically, the windings of a Reactor are made of Copper wire. We have developed a lighter and more cost-effective Aluminum wire; our Reactors are high-quality custom products with guaranteed long-term reliability. Tabuchi Electric has become the leading manufacturer of compact harmonic reactors for inverter air conditioners, and our products are widely used by manufacturers not only in Japan but also in China.

Years of research have culminated in our patented methodology for bonding aluminum wire to dissimilar metals. Also, our manufacturing at our overseas facitories e.g. Yantai Dongshan Electric in China, affords us a cost advantage. Transformer technology has been a key to our success ever since the founding of Tabuchi Electric.