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Our Technology Roots

Ring of elemental technologies

The technologies that are so important to us - from our origins in silicon-steel pressing , to our expansion into Power Supplies and vital new areas such as Solar PV inverters — are driven by fundamental expertise such as control systems, cooling technologies, and fracture mechanics.

Having built up our business over the years focusing mainly on using analog circuit design to deliver customized solutions, the advent of digital electronics required a paradigm change to our R&D strategy.
By retaining our expertise in the fundamentals of design and manufacturing, Tabuchi enjoys the best of both worlds. We meet with continued success with both custom and standard products. We continue to enhance and develop synergy within our technology knowledge base which has led to the discovery of new technologies that we add to our products.

Prime examples of cutting-edge core and applied technologies

Advanced Transformer Design Technology
The mechanical engineering combination of Cooling Technology and Vibration study, combined with our expertise in Electromagnetics, delivers optimum performance from our product designs.
This technology is crucial to the design and development of Transformer windings.
PCB Soldering Technology
Soldering is the accepted industry practice for bonding electronic components to ensure long-term quality and performance.
With our understanding of the material properties of solder, e.g. thermal expansion and seepage, our electronic products are proven to survive both aging and impacts from rough treatment. Solder technology is influenced by Cooling Technology, MEMS and lubricationexpertise and we consider it vital to our success manufacuring electrical equipment.
Inverter Design Technology
We pursue power conversion improvements with next-generation power transistors and cutting-edge circuit topology and implement the latest techniques in thermal design utilizing both active and passive cooling. This results in better conversion efficiency, EMI and heat loss characteristics.

New Technology Developments and Business

Our business has always been about “creating electrical power using electrical power,” whether by means of the Transformers we have been making since our foundation or the Solar Inverters that evolved from them.
And today, almost a century since our founding we continue to engage in fresh challenges in new fields.

エネルギー変換の分野を広げ、技術領域のさらなる拡大を目指します。 エネルギー変換チャートでみる技術領域の拡大
Solutions Business
By analysing positionally, temporaly and morphologicaly Energy we are dicovering new value. Since the data size is gigantic AI(Artificial intelligence) is necessary.
From the field of mechanochemistry comes the very latest method of energy conversion: directly through a mechanical and chemical process. Tabuchi Electric is an expert in this area and is making strong contributions already.

Modern Technology Challenges

Our core technologies require constant maintenance and innovation – innovation that leads, for example, to the development of new power devices (SiC, GaN), new magnetic materials, and new types of coil that make possible smaller, higher frequency devices.

We have therefore formed a company-wide, interdepartmental organization called the Kogaku Juku, or “Learning Club,” to encourage and assist our employees in developing their skills and expertise in the fundamentals and our key technologies.

For instance, existing technology that is often overlooked by today's engineers often evolves from new discoveries and research.
Technology that appears to be permanent and here to stay can be obsoleted in no time at all.
By supporting our engineers and scientists and continuously developing their skills we can ensure that in today's rapidly changing world we can remain at the forefront of innovation with our cutting-edge technology.

At Tabuchi we remain open to new and creative modes of thinking. For example, in R&D Engineering, we follow rigorous internal screening standards and also engage our company-wide resources in order to comply with such standards.

These various activities are starting to bear all kinds of fruit, and new discoveries are emerging regarding solar inverters and also compact, high-performance transformers.

Remaining true to our technological roots as a components manufacturer, we continue to seek out new challenges in our quest to deliver ever more advanced technologies.

The technology ring today